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Welcome to CSP Manual!

This document is mainly intended for Cloud Solution Providers (CSP). All the details, screenshots, panel functionality and features are illustrated with respect to CSP.


Cloud Solution Providers sell services of major cloud platform vendors as part of your catalog. Get usage data segregated for individual customers and invoice them.

Key Features

Feature Details

Reseller Appointment

  • Creation of new reseller accounts and management of reseller network
  • Packaging solutions with industry-leading products of Cloud Platform Vendors
  • Cloud usage tracking of every reseller

Let Resellers Create Resellers

  • Appointment of further resellers down the line with Billbyte
  • Availability of same selling tools for every reseller in the network as top level broker

Reseller Self-Serve Portal

  • Personalized content and important support documentation for every reseller
  • Order status and new order placement interface for every reseller
  • Detailed order history of every reseller

Features List

  • Reseller Appointment
  • Let Resellers Create Resellers
  • Reseller Self-Serve Portal

For more details, refer to Feature Details.

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