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Welcome to Enterprise Manual!

This document is mainly intended for Enterprise owners. All the details, screenshots, panel functionality and features are illustrated with respect to an Enterprise owner.


BillByte closely monitor your Cloud usage and get near real-time insight into your usage costs segregated by departments / individuals. You may also dispatch various Cloud usage alerts to your customers in the form of email notifications. In addition you may assign subscriptions to your customers and conveniently track the renewals and expiries of these subscriptions. In a nutshell the Enterprise flavor of BillByte helps you gain 360 degree control over your Cloud usages.    

Key Features

Product Catalog Synchronization

Feature Details

AWS Support

  • Amazon Web Services account registration through Billbyte
  • Individual or departmental signup and usage monitoring of AWS services
  • AWS services subscription-based billing through Billbyte
  • Subscription of internal accounts to a number of cloud products and services offered by AWS, including storage, compute, databases, networking, analytics, mobile, management tools, developer tools, IoT, enterprise and security applications
  • Workload sharing with data processing and warehousing, archive, storage, web and mobile applications and game development
  • Usage monitoring and billing in near real time with availability of usage data from AWS

Microsoft Azure and Office 365 Support

  • Account registration with Microsoft Azure or Office 365 through Billbyte
  • Creation of internal accounts as individuals or departments
  • Selection from a variety of products and services offered, including Compute, Networking, Storage, Web and Mobile Apps, Containers, Databases, Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, IoT, Integration, Security, Developer and Management Tools.
  • Usage tracking and billing

Product Catalog Synchronization

  • Choice of wide range of products provided by Cloud Platform Vendors
  • Product portfolio creation and maintenance with Billbyte
  • Complete catalog access with product modelling and pricing plans
  • Comparison of product prices from different vendors and selection of best offer

Account Registration

  • Account creation and credentials registration with Cloud Service Providers
  • Formation of internal enterprise accounts such as individual or departmental accounts
  • Maintenance of all accounts through a single interface


  • Allocation of different range of products to internal accounts
  • Allocation of separate usage to each internal account according to usage need
  • Calculation of usage data for each product of every internal account separately

Usage Records

  • Detailed collection of usage from Cloud Platform Vendors with Billbyte
  • Monitoring of usage in near real-time as usage data becomes available
  • Configuration of  monthly threshold for each billing account and setup of  usage alerts
  • Notification in case of allocated resource usage reaching 50%, 80% or 100% of the monthly threshold

Cost Calculation

  • Calculation and monitoring of costs for each internal account as a cost center
  • Calculation of costs incurred on every project associated with internal accounts for future usage quota allocation
  • Detailed costing report for each cost center
  • Calculation of your total cost by aggregating the costs of each cost center

Reconciliation of Usage Records

  • Reconciliation of  your usage data line item by line item with monthly CPV invoice
  • Reporting of discrepancies found during reconciliation


  • Transaction processing in more than one currency
  • Account localization by billing usage with Billbyte in your own currency
  • Ability to run remote multinational setup with your cloud products tailored for each account spread over a geographical network

Features List

  • Amazon Web Services Support
  • Microsoft Azure and Office 365 Office Support
  • Product Catalog Synchronization
  • Account Registration
  • Hydration
  • Usage Records
  • Cost Calculation
  • Reconciliation of Usage Records
  • Multi-Currency

For more details, refer to Feature Details 

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