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Welcome to CSP Client Manual!

This document is mainly intended for Cloud Solution Providers (CSP) Clients. All the details, screenshots, panel functionality and features are illustrated with respect to CSP Client.


Cloud Solution Providers sell services of major cloud platform vendors as part of your catalog. Get usage data segregated for individual customers and invoice them.

Key Features

Feature Details

Sales Product Catalog

  • Sales catalog creation for all of customer’s product offerings
  • Manual development of product offerings or automatic import of products from Cloud Platform Vendor management interface
  • Visibility of specific product bundles to enterprises, individuals, partners or any other specific customers
  • Real-time pricing updates integrated directly with cloud vendors

Pricing Strategy

  • Pricing strategy with Billbyte’s pricing module
  • Choice between a Fixed pricing model or a Cost Plus Pricing model
  • Allocation of a pricing strategy to specific customers, based on their preference

Customer Payment Information

  • Customer payment details availability on Billbyte’s payment interface
  • Initial payment deposit by customers through Billbyte

Unbilled Usage Calculation

  • Unbilled usage estimation in near real-time for every account subscription
  • Cost calculation for unbilled usage data for each account
  • Separate usage record maintenance for every user account

Budget Allocation

  • Usage quota and budget allocation to each account
  • Usage quota consumption notifications
  • Quota consumption review at any point of time with Billbyte
  • Spending limits for each service being used within a customer account
  • Limitation for over-consumption of resources by a single service to the detriment of other services for each customer account

Sales Invoices

  • Electronic invoices for all of your customer accounts
  • Detailed billing of all individual services for every account
  • Timely sending of invoices to customers
  • Follow up of late paying customers

Payment Gateway Integration

  • Support for multiple payment gateways including Paypal and Perfect Money
  • Merchant account sign up
  • Easy acceptance of customer bill payment through credit card

Invoice Adjustment

  • Invoice item adjustment with received customer payments at the line level
  • Credit reduction adjustment for customer discounts
  • Revenue recognition with service period, accounting code and other essential invoice item information
  • Multiple adjustments against one invoice item when required

Features List

  • Sales Product Catalog
  • Pricing Strategy
  • Customer Payment Information
  • Unbilled Usage Calculation
  • Budget Allocation
  • Sales Invoices
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Invoice Adjustment

For more details, refer to Feature Details.

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